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The Nuevo Derma Therapeutic System can  correct :

  1. Diminish fine lines and wrinkles
  2. Reduce age spots and hyperpigmentation 
  3. Increase smoothness
  4. Reduce the pore size
  5. Improve elasticity
  6. Increase the skin's own ability to hold  moisture
  7. Generate balanced, even skin tone
  8. Generate rosy, radiant skin tone
  9. Increase skin tolerance to all external factors

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About Us 

Target market:

In Australia, the Nuevo Cosmetic Clinic has an extremely strong Asian client base. Through evidence received from clients, proving the success of the treatment received at the clinic, Nuevo has achieved a very high credibility record. Nuevo recognises that there is a market for skin care products and are now in a position to look at partnering with companies of like mind that are willing to serve their clients with the very best skin care products available. Currently Nuevo is formulating proposals that they will present to potential partners who will commit to exclusively represent Nuevo. The target market is not restricted to a particular demographic but has the potential of reaching a very wide age group of potential clients. All forms of skin care can be treated with the correct and skilled diagnosis of the skin ailment. A full training program will be instituted by Nuevo with their successful partners.

Enquiries of Interested parties:

Nuevo would invite any prospective partners that show a sincere interest in representing the Nuevo range of skin care products, to arrange an interview with the Directors of Nuevo Cosmetic Clinic. Together with their respective Business Development Consultants this meeting will enable both parties to overview and assess what each company has to offer and evaluate at that time whether there is a possibility of forming a partnership that is agreeable to both parties.


  About Us 
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